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April 2016
Take control of your spa, change the functions and adjust settings with the in.touch application available on I pad, I phone and most recent android devices. You've got relaxation at your fingertips. 
Available in two versions: You can either access your spa from a local area network using in.touch home or control it from any location  using  in.touch world.

The in.touch module has an integrated WIFI transceiver that allows it to communicate with your IOS devices.
iPod touch (4th generation and more recent) 
iPhone (3GS and more recent) 
iPad (2nd generation and more recent) 
iPad Mini 
Need iOS 6.0 (or more recent) 
Android 2.2 (and more recent)
Supported by  «Google Play» 

April 2016
Be.Sound 4.1
Upgrade your spa with a high quality Be Well sound system.
The Be.Sound 4.1 system comes with 4 premiun Polyplanar speakers, 1 subwoofer and K1000 touchscreen keyboard.

Listen your favorite music in high quality with the Be.Sound system. Enjoy a rich, pure and clear sound in the confort of your spa. Our class D technology booster  optimizes sounds in outdoor environment. Compact, rugged and waterproof, Be Sound has a built-in power supply specifically designed to get the most of its amplifier. Delivers 300 Watt at low distortion and features a built-in sub amplified output with integrated digital filter and ajustable volume. Easy to install Be Sound can be controlled from the edge of the spa. Its interface features full control of audio sources, volume and settings, and display of songs tags.
Mai 2016
It's now possible to equipe your spa with the salt system. No more maintenance needed, just relax and enjoy your spa. Be Clear, the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system system ever offered to spa owners. Be Clear it's a low maintenance salt system that can be installed on new or existing spa.

Be Clear converts bromicharge sodium bromine into a highly efficient bromine sanitizer. It generates and releases bromine into the water eliminate microbiological contaminants such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter given off by spa bathers for a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience every time the spa  is used.  Be.Clear giv you total peace of mind. It works for you when you're away from home even for a long  time. At your return enjoy a clean and clear water as if you never left home.

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